Halloween is coming and we aren’t ready!


Halloween is my (Ben’s) favorite holiday. Dressing up in crazy costumes, eating too much candy,¬†helping Poppy learn the ins-and-outs of trick-or-treating, it is all so much fun. Decorating our house used to epic and special, but since the move we have to pay for a bunch of new items for the interior of our home. New end tables, new photo frames, computer desks, microphones. . . etc.

We just aren’t prepared this year for the cost both in money and time. I wish we could but Poppy will just have to deal with a few pumpkins and a sack full of candy. Speaking of candy, I might not even dress up! How terrible is that? Poppy will be a princess and Becky will be . . . a surprise character that will be announced on Halloween! Care to guess what she will be?

Other than costumes we are ill prepared for my favorite holiday, long story short.

Do you have any ideas for Halloween activities we could do? Are there any traditions you do with your family that maybe no other family does?

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