Who is Poppy the Adventurer?


Poppy, minus the sword!

Poppy the Adventurer is the character I (Ben) made up for Poppy after she was burned and hospitalized a year ago. Her healing journey was difficult and we fell to pieces a dozen times and gathered ourselves back together to return to YouTube (several times). She needed a strong character that shared her name and that did things in amazing fashion. She needed someone to be strong in the face of scary things and to help her discover her own inner strength. In that respect, the stories I tell my daughter have been a huge success.

Poppy the adventurer is a little girl just like our daughter–she carries a golden sword though. While in the hospital, Poppy was given a pair of stuffed bears that have been in her bed every night since and would later join our stories. But Bob is her oldest bear that we bought before moving to Oregon. She and I came up with the name Bob the Brave Bear! He is her best friend and sidekick in the stories and real life.

I’m a writer and have found comfort in developing these Poppy the Adventurer stories with our Poppy. She sits on my lap as I type and occasionally assists with a period here or a letter there, always giving an opinion on the story. I am working on a children’s book centered around this character with her help. This section of our Vlog-Blog covers the stuff happening behind the scenes while I try and make the book series a reality.

Finding an illustrator who won’t rob me blind and has enough skill to get my mental images onto a page is the greatest hurdle. If you know any illustrators or if you are one, please use the contact page under ABOUT in the navigation bar.

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for being there for us even if it’s only as a pair of eyes for my thoughts!

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  1. I love to hear things like this. What a wonderful daddy daughter activity. I like how she helps you come up with the content for your stories as well.

    I’m looking forward to reading your blogs.


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