Difficult Subjects 

In creating the rough outline of the proper Poppy the Adventurer book I have arrived at more road blocks than I could have imagined prior to sitting at a notebook with silly scenes in my head. What child would want to read a story about a child that gets burned? It sounds too harsh, too violent. I realized that the road blocks were being thrown up and out by me. Is this story a squeaky clean tale of a pampered child without a care in the world frolicking through meadows with her golden sword? NO. Poppy has endured pain and agony and I won’t be forced by common expectations to water down her experience. The powerful nature of her real life transformation into a strong confident child is rooted in her painful experience and to diminish that is to diminish the effects the story could have on another child. So, with that small hurdle overcome, we saunter into the familiar territory of imagination! Filling this fictional world with as much realism while balancing the fantasy elements is most exciting as is my next phase of plotting.