The Sony a5100


Sony a5100 white

For vlogging this camera is pretty great! There’s one catch. The camera overheats pretty quickly. If you’re the kind of vlogger who does longs takes then this camera is not for you. But if you bang out about 10┬áminute clips at a time, with 20 seconds between, you’re good to go.

The top feature vloggers will love is the auto-focus. Blazing fast and accurate! Tracking faces is Sony’s wheelhouse and man did they nail it. The hybrid auto-focus system is┬áthe same as found in the stunning a6000!

Most vloggers are moving to the 60 fps route with all major vlogging cameras getting that under their belts; not all do so at 50 mbps broadcast quality, however. The G7x mkii can only do 35 mbps–but honestly not many will notice the difference. With the right lighting, the Sony system crushes the Canon g7x i (and mkii) in bokeh and cinematic look for both stills and video. The pocket-ability is the only real downside (that and overheating). It should be noted that the g7x mkii is 20.1 MP and the Sony a5100 stands at 24.3.

The body is plastic but a tough kind of plastic. If you are coming from a dslr, expect to feel like you’re holding a toy. With care and an optional case, this camera can last. The interchangeable lens system provides access to all of Sony’s E-mount lenses too, making the longevity of the system a big plus!

The overheating issue can be fixed by using an external recorder to save the footage, such as the Atomos Ninja.


And of course, like all vlogging cameras under 1,300 USD there is NO mic input or headphone jack. So, if you wanted to buy a rode mic, you’ll need an external recorder to go with it, such as the Zoom H1.

Vloggers who want a camera with stunning image quality in stills and video for under 600 USD need look no further. Keep your clips under 10 min at a time and you will likely never face the overheating issue. Plenty long for vlogging.

Here is the video I made using the Sony a5100:

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