I’m Back! And I am NERVOUS

I was busy. Saying anything else would be a lie. I thought about telling you all that I was kidnapped by mole-people and taken underground to their hidden bunker where they made tangible the deepest morbidity my mind could squelch out whilst influenced by strong doses of amphetamines . . . but I was busy. So I didn’t.

Now, why am I nervous? Fatherhood 2.0, that’s why! Becky will soon be pregnant with our second child and I am freaking out. Luckily for me, Poppy is nearly 5 and by the time rug rat numero dos arrives she will be of immense usefulness in changing diapers and singing lullabies. My worst fear is that Poppy will resent the new child and leave me holding the bag with a fussy baby and a pouting little girl to deal with. Will they get along? Will they keep each other awake all night, thereby keeping their father awake all night? Will they break my electronics trying to figure out how they work? Will they fight constantly? Will they love each other? I just need to breathe.

On the flip side, I sense the many chances for laughter and wonderful memories to burst into all of our lives; that keeps me pretty positive.