The “I don’t know problem” for Vloggers

I have a problem and I am making excuses as to why I “can’t” make YouTube videos. The problem is this: I want the lighting to be good, I want the audio crisp, the colors correct, the subject matter interesting, and no boogers to fly out of my nose when least expected. But even in this list, what I truly have an issue with is not presented! It’s the fact that I want to connect but find my story is just the same old story everyone has; so why bother telling it.

To try and solve my issue, I have come up with the “I don’t know” problem. If you can answer these three things, then you can make content. The three things are:




What do I film, how do I film it, and why am I filming it. Those things, once answered, solves the issue entirely. What do I film? My self? Other people? Skits? Let’s break it down.

THE WHAT broken into pieces:

If you wake up in the morning and the first thing out of your mouth is something about eating eggs or coffee, or brushing the stink out of your head, then filming is probably last on the list. For those who are successful, filming is the first thing in their mind and out of their mouth (“where is the camera”). This is because the what has been established in their minds. The what is whatever you want. Make it very detailed and specific or wide and free floating. Reign yourself back to a central topic at some point but don’t worry about the form. Pregnant? Talk about it. Feeling sad, talk it out. Ramble if you must but know that many don’t like rambling and you are putting this out for an audience, so practice. Take your hobby or interests and fixate on them and write your thoughts about them out before speaking. List everything that interests you and draws YOUR attention and make something you think will draw other people’s attention but will entertain you.

The HOW broken into pieces:

You bought your camera and now have no clue what to touch on the back or how it even turns on. Use YouTube as an educational platform to learn about your camera and filming styles. But remember that there are  really only two tips you need to remember in vlogging. LOOK AT THE CAMERA, and of course, KEEP YOUR CAMERA STEADY! The lighting and the camera settings, no matter how accurate or well set, will never overcome a terrible personality. So be yourself or put on a character, whatever makes you happy with your performance. On this front, the audience really decides your fate. Sit in front of a window and set it to auto when in doubt. Your story is what people want, not your cinematography skills (though if you have both, all the better).

THE WHY broken into pieces:

Why am I sitting here blathering on about something other people will have undoubtedly put out already? That is self defeat talk and it isn’t really that fun. I happen to fall into this camp and hence why my original list didn’t cover my problem. My problem is me and my stupid brain. Through careful thought and tedious reflection I’ve come to the point of no return; delete the channel or realize that my story (and the story of my child and wife) is original in its own way and deserving of airing. People might hate me, might like me, may even subscribe to our YouTube channel, but if I never tell my story (original or not) I will feel like I missed out. My why, is that I don’t want to miss out on connecting with others.