The “Oh Crap” Moment



Every so often you find yourself in an “oh crap” moment, no recourse but to face it, and zero determination (let alone motivation) to endure it with a smile. You slog through. My moment came today, while I was in the gym, of all places; me in the gym? How bizarre! I sat there dripping sweat on the bench, 60 lb dumbbells balanced ever so carefully on my thighs when wham! The “oh crap” moment! We haven’t put out a vlog in so long that I may have forgotten how to do it! I don’t know why it struck me as suddenly urgent but there it is. Perhaps it was the fact that I’ve seen serious progress in my diet and exercise and I feel there is too few people to share my successes with–yeah, that sounds reasonable. Or maybe it’s because Poppy has learned so much and grown so much and I know people are following her personality developing. I could have slogged through the feelings and let it pass, but I didn’t.

I got home from the gym, slick with a fresh film of both perspiration and a kind of shell of creativity (or bubble if that’s your jam). I sat Becky down on the couch and told her my new plan to keep the vlog in our lives without stressing us out. Mondays we will put out a vlog and Friday we will do a live stream. Keep it nice and simple.

Now Becky has been working incredibly hard at work lately and I wouldn’t want to bog her down with any more work and lord knows I have my silly little side projects that would need adjusting but she seemed open to the idea. So this Monday, the new Ben and Becky channel kicks off with a new mindset.

“Wait Ben!” I can hear you screaming at your iPad or smartphone (much to the dismay of the other passengers on the subway. “You’ve rebooted your channel so many times, why should we care? Won’t you just fizzle out again?”

People are beginning to stare at you. It’s okay, ignore the passengers and focus on my voice. The answer is, maybe.

But I like creating vlogs and I like building community. It’s the messy particulars and tedious details that trip me up. Did you get the right tag? Did you title it correctly? Is this thumbnail more clickable over this one? Is Tim Schmoyer full of crap or is there a secret to the meta-data? What about the algorithm?

I think I’ve gotten a handle on most of the meta-data but some things will probably always escape me. I will simply keep in the back of my mind the fact that we are not in this for money but of course we will try and make money doing what we love. Isn’t that the American way?

See all of you on Monday Febuary, 13th 2017.

Thanks for listening.