The 77d and other Vlogging Cameras


I look for new cameras every single day. No joke. For thirty or forty minutes I examine the spec sheets on new cameras and old cameras alike. I am, a gear junkie. Photos and video is such a compelling topic that I could sit all day sorting the gear I want and what I’d do with it.

For the purposes of helping you make a decision on vlogging gear, I’m going to think aloud for a moment on the topic of vlogging cameras. Technically speaking, ‘vlogging cameras’ are not a thing. There are cameras and some people use them to make vlogs. That flip up screen isn’t for what you’re doing with it! The manufacturer put the flip screen on there to allow for selfies, but, in the earlier days before vlogging was a thing, they had no clue people would be walking around filming video the way we do now. They got wise and started putting the flip screens on more cameras and our options swelled!

I could rattle off all the cameras I would love to own right now (and I will) but first let’s shoot out a couple that I wouldn’t use that everyone does.

Canon G7X 1 and 2  

You could tell me all day that this vlogger uses this and this camera and they make awesome videos so I should go get it. The camera is half the battle and the g7x 1 and 2 suffer from focus breathing, terrible, if any, bokeh, and worst of all: TERRIBLE AUDIO.

My little Sony a5100 is not much better though. But I’m looking to upgrade.

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Lumix G7 

This one is really hard to say no to as it shoots 4k and rivals the GH4 in video quality with the right lenses. The G7 even has a mic input and a flip out screen (just like the Canon 80D). What this camera gains with those features is stripped away quickly when you factor the style of most peoples vlogs. Think low light, long takes. The G7 is fairly heavy and the auto focus is terrible. Take a micro four-thirds sensor and go vlog in dim lighting conditions and you can count the grains of noise in your footage. the G7 is for production situations where lighting is controlled.

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Okay, enough belly aching about almost awesome cameras for vlogging. The cameras I am currently eyeing for vlogs are: the SONY RX100 IV or the new Canon 77D. Why not the 80D and be like Casey? The menu baby! The 77D sports a fantastic looking menu system that acts more like a touch screen and isn’t too heavy over all. Like the 80D you get the Dual-Pixel technology and great focus tracking during video but it shoots decent stills as well. The camera also sports a mic input for your Rode mic or any other mic you want.

The Sony RX100 IV is basically a point and shoot version of the a5100 and that appeals to me for the simple fact that I know Sony’s system and like their auto-focus speed. The color management department could use some attention but no camera is perfect.

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*Bonus product mention:

The CAD U37 microphone. It is a fantastic microphone for narrating or using on live streams. The perfect beginner microphone for YouTubers. It has a cardioid pick up pattern so it blocks out unwanted background noise and adds warmth to your voice for silky narration. This large condenser microphone is great. I use it on my live streams! This kit comes with the microphone and a pop filter AND studio headphones for less than 70 bucks. Can’t be beat!

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