This Little Blog of Mine


Forgive any background hum! I am exporting the vlog for tomorrow and my machine is chugging.

I will be writing more articles here in the near future. It relaxes me to sit and dump my thoughts out. Even relaxing things can become burdensome, though, so I’ll take it easy. The blog style I’ve chosen for better or worse is topic by random selection as my mood staggers around.

The next two articles are gear related and for those contemplating new filming equipment like I am. But before you go on to listen to those, let me chat at you about meet ups. Many of you will know that Becky and I are the representatives for Idaho vloggers (for meet ups) and we will be holding one very soon. You’ll have to keep a close eye on this blog and our Facebook page to get the exact date.

The meetups will be informal, simple, and fun; usually at a pizza place or restaurant or the like. If you attend, you get a load of helpful advice from me and the others involved. I’d like to say we have the format mapped out but it’s still up in the air as to the speaking arrangement and information delivery. I plan on giving a talk on creating content with an eye on enhanced effects and I will be looking to fill other speaking slots around yet to be determined topics.

Now go read or listen to some articles on gear.