The Website is Changing

Maintaining this website hasn’t been a priority for me. I actually forgot all about it for a few weeks. Today I am dusting off the site and refurbishing the whole thing. It might not change too much as making more art and graphics and logos and the like is outside of my time limits. I have had a great deal of positive attention on my buying guide. I made it to help my mom decide on some tech, if you can believe that. But a few people used it to buy the same vlogging camera we use and so I made a few more articles. My focus isn’t really making money but it’s always nice when people buy stuff via the links provided.

The pregnancy section, which I made for Becky–only to realize she doesn’t really like writing, has gone unused. That is about to change as I’ve been writing down little notes each week about the baby and my thoughts as well as things Becky has said to me. I will write a lot of articles in that section which Becky will read and approve!

Poppy the Adventurer is still in progress but trotting out small stories while working on the larger book is a huge task that would drive me out of my mind. I made it to Chapter 8 in the novel (16,000 words or so). I am considering putting the book on hold for a month or two and creating some short stories that can go on the website or Patreon. Writer’s block hasn’t really been an issue so far!

Side projects that I can’t and won’t talk about are shaping up nicely. One project hinges on getting a 4k camera with 10-bit color, however. My side projects will come out eventually and will be tied to our channel in a round about way. I apologize for being so cryptic but I can’t afford to mess these projects up.

So, to recap. Baby articles, buying guides, opinion pieces, and maybe some other stuff.


P.S. I am too tired to proof read this article so forgive any issues.